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Treasures of the Snow is a book written by Patricia St John. It is set in Switzerland in about 1950, and is centered on one boys mistake. The story tells how a young boy breaks his leg by falling over a cliff, while trying to rescue his kitten which Lucien had dropped over the cliff. The rest of the book tells how Lucien tries his best to rectify matters.

Reader's Reviews


This is a lovely classic tale of growing up, awakening consciences, forgiveness and restoration. It's worth trying to get hold of an original unabridged edition if at all possible, as the more modern up-to-date abridged versions have edited out all the French phrases which I thought added to the feel of the story's setting. Although it is written from a Christian perspective, it's a gentle kind of old-fashioned moral tale that any parent would welcome; and with the idyllic Swiss mountains as the backdrop for the tale (and I can hardly not mention that it's reminiscent of Heidi), this is a book you'll want to keep.


My children loved this book, and I loved reading it to them. We came across an old copy, not knowing anything about it, but it looked like it might be worth reading, and it certainly was. We are so glad that we kept it. It is a treasure that I hope my kids will share with their own children someday.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 10+
  • Read Aloud Age: 8+

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