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Long ago, the Tripods – huge, three-legged machines – descended upon Earth and took control. People no longer understood automation or machines, and unquestionably accept the power of the Tripods. But for a time in each person's life - childhood - he is not a slave. The age of fourteen brings the "capping" ceremony, where mature human beings are turned into docile, obedient, servants. Will Parker still has some time left. Hearing of the existence of an outpost of freedom in the distant White Mountains, Will and his two companions undertake a daring escape and embark on a perilous journey to find the free colony and take control of their own destinies.

Reader's Reviews


Excellent book. Very exciting, filled with action packed adventure. The theme of the Tripods control over the human race is thought-provoking.


I agree that this is a good read. Older readers and adults will appreciate the subtle references to runied machines and other features of our age, all seen through the eyes of a post-industrial 13 year-old (and therefore not understood by him, but recognisable by us). The theme of daring to question the cultural status quo (i.e. the authoritarian control of the Tripods) is very powerful, and is a good point of discussion with your own children. What aspects of our own culture should we question, and what should we accept...? The Tripods themselves seem very reminiscent of those described by HG Wells in The War of the Worlds.


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