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The Vikings is the fourth in the Very Short Introductions: British History series, being one of only two in the series to be written specifically as a Very Short Introduction.

The Viking reputation is of bloodthirsty seafaring warriors, repeatedly plundering the British Isles and the North Atlantic throughout the early Middle Ages. Yet Vikings were also traders, settlers, and farmers, with a complex artistic and linguistic culture.

Highlighting the latest archaeological finds, Julian Richards reveals the Viking world in its entirety: their history, society and culture, and their expansion overseas for trade, colonization, and plunder. Richards cuts through the myths to provide new insight into their rune stones, ships and religion. His book takes us to new discoveries in Scandinavia, Iceland, and Greenland, while examining contemporary Viking re-enactment groups, Nazi-sponsored excavations, and DNA testing for elusive Viking blood, leading to a fascinating re-appraisal of the meaning of the term "Viking".

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One gruesome description.

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