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The Secret Seven are a series of 15 books written by Enid Blyton, and are mystery adventures with seven boys and girls sorting out criminals.

The "seven" are:

  1. Peter (the leader of the society)
  2. Janet (Peter's Sister/co-founder)
  3. Jack
  4. Barbara
  5. George
  6. Pam
  7. Colin
  8. Scamper the dog.

Each book is a different story in which they end up having an adventure, be it sorting out a gang of thieves or stopping people from stealing jewels!

Apart from the wrong-doers there is also another main protaginist: Susie, Jack's irritating sister.

Reader's Reviews[]


You should read these. A good read if not brilliant literature.


Please add your review here. As I girl growing up, every year for my birthday I was given 10/- for my birthday so I used to go and buy a Secret Seven book. Now I have a granddaughter who is 7 yrs old, so I have bought her the series of Secret Seven books for her. I hope she enjoys these books as much as I did. I am in my 60s now.

Books in the Series[]

Enid Blyton wrote 15 Secret Seven books; in chronological order they are:

  1. The Secret Seven
  2. Secret Seven Adventure
  3. Well Done Secret Seven
  4. Secret Seven on the Trail
  5. Go Ahead Secret Seven
  6. Good Work Secret Seven
  7. Secret Seven Win Through
  8. Three Cheers Secret Seven
  9. Secret Seven Mystery
  10. Puzzle for the Secret Seven
  11. Secret Seven Fireworks
  12. Good Old Secret Seven
  13. Shock for the Secret Seven
  14. Look Out Secret Seven
  15. Fun for the Secret Seven

Parental Guidance[]

  • Reading Age:7+
  • Read Aloud Age:6+

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