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Tells the true story of the Lynmouth Lifeboat that was hauled overland for 13 miles on a stormy night in January 1899 in order to rescue a stricken ship off the coast of Exmoor, Devon. This is in the days when lifeboats were carried on horse-drawn carriages, and the only form of communication was a telegraph wire that invariably went down in a storm.

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This makes for a gripping read that would seem unbelievable if it wasn't true (especially if you ever go to Lynmouth, and see how steep the hills are!). I remember reading this when I was young, and recently rediscovered it and read to my own son, aged 12. We both enjoyed it a lot. The line drawings by the author are also very memorable, and give a good feeling what it must have been like on that night. Probably out of print now, but well worth reading if you see a copy.


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