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The Great Redwall Feast
Brian Jacques
Christopher Denise
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The Great Redwall Feast was written by Brian Jacques and illustrated by the well-known Redwall artist Christopher Denise. It was published in 1996.


The Great Redwall Feast is the first Redwall picture book, and it was written in the form of a ballad. Citizens of Redwall Abbey prepare a surprise feast for their Abbot.


The Great Redwall Feast tells about the creatures of Redwall preparing for a feast while Matthias the Warriormouse, Constance the Badger Guardian, Foremole, and the Abbot are traveling in Mossflower Woods questing for a mysterious Bobbatan Weary Nod. The book features the Abbeydwellers bustling in Redwall, cooking, gathering flowers, and doing other chores for their beloved Abbot (presumably Abbot Mordalfus). Many characters from Redwall and Mattimeo are present in the book, however, the baby mole Bungo is the only character to appear and not be featured in any other Redwall novel.