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After Tristan falls off his skateboard and falls into a ditch (unharmed, although covered in mud), Buddy starts acting weird. Andi follows him through some shrubs and sees something lying beside the ditch – on closer inspection it turns out to be a puppy! At first it looks dead, but as they get closer she starts to move. Natalie calls Fisher, and he comes in the RSPCA ambulance with his new assistant, Molly.

The puppy turns out to have a dislocated leg and hypothermia; but she's also lost. Her owners haven't reported her missing, so the Pet Finders start looking for her owner right away. Not easy, since they also have another case to deal with; finding Cocoa, a lost guinea Pig.

After some thinking, it starts to look as if the puppy has been abandoned – no one has reported her missing to the Pet finders, the RSPCA or the police. And no one has replied to the posters either. And it doesn't make the situation any better when they cannot find Cocoa and begin to suspect that she's been stolen.

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