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This is number 94 in Oxford University Press's series Very Short Introductions. It is also second in the Very Short Introductions: British History series, and the first Historical Very Short Introduction to centre around British history, although it does include quite a bit about the rest of Europe.

The subject of the Celts never ceases to fascinate. The Greeks and Romans saw them as Barbarian invaders from the north, and in the nineteenth century they were believed to be the ancestors of the Bretons, Cornish, Welsh, Scots, and Irish giving these Atlantic peoples a more deeply rooted identity than the English and the French. More recently the Celts have become one of the ideals called upon to underpin a sense of pan-European feeling. Barry Cunliffe tackles questions such as 'who were the Celts?', and explores the archaeological, artistic, and linguistic evidence to provide the answers, helping us to identify the ancient Celts and to trace their successors in the modern world.

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  • Reading Age: 13+
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Very occasional gruesome descriptions.

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