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The Black Girl Next Door is an autobiographical book, written by Jennifer Baszile, and published in 2009.

This memoir is about the childhood years of a woman named Jennifer Baszile. She's African American, but all of her friends and neighbors are white. The book is mainly about the struggles and trials overcome by the family and Jennifer's desire to fit in with her classmates.

Reader's Reviews


This is a touching book. It's very thought provoking, but also it's sad.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 13+ This is an adult book, but it would be okay for a mature teenager.
  • Reading Aloud Age: This wouldn't be a great read-aloud.

N----- is used a few times, when it is painted on the front sidewalk of the Baszile home, and also when Jennifer thinks about someone calling her or her parents that.

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