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Galldora is a rag doll who belongs to a little doll called Marybell. Galldora is often lost when Marybell leaves her behind somewhere, and these short stories feature Galldora's adventures when lost in a field with a scarecrow, lost on top of a roof, in the river with the fish, and other places. These stories were originally written for BBC Radio Children's Hour, and broadcast during the 1950s. 'Galldora' is an anagram of 'a rag doll'. (But modern children will need to be explained what a rag doll is!)

Reader's Reviews


Delightful short stories to read aloud to a young girl. My personal favourite is 'Galldora and the big fish'. My daughter was so taken with these stories that she named one of her dolls Galldora, which for years was her favourite of all her dolls.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 9+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 5+

Best for reading aloud – in common with other books of this age, the vocabulary and writing style is quite advanced compared with the essentially simple content of the stories.

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