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The Adventure Series features Jack, Philip, Dinah, and Lucy-Ann, a group of children who, together with their pet Kiki the parrot, get snarled up in the most amazing adventures you can imagine. They seem to be an adventure magnet, because they always seem to land right in the middle of it all despite their best efforts to have "a quiet holiday"... and if there's any treasure to be found then rest assured these kids will stumble upon it!

Each adventure takes place in a remote setting – an island off the coast; a castle on a hill in Scotland; a valley in a distant, deserted land; more islands of the coast; a mountain in Wales; a ship cruising around the Greek islands; a circus in the country of Tauri-Hessia; and finally a river in a faraway, ancient land.

Reader's Reviews


Excellent. I really enjoyed them. One of the best things in the series is Kiki the parrot - who makes hilariously funny remarks and generally acts as the comedy in the series.


I remember as a ten-year-old thinking these books were distinctly more sophisticated than Enid Blyton's other series - they are probably aimed at a slightly older age group. Oh yes, I read them all and re-read them too! Entertaining but addictive.


It was really good. My favourite part was when they were trapped in the mines. I liked the bits when Kiki the parrot said funny things like, "God save the Queen!" I really hope that my sister will soon be able to read the Enid Blyton books. (Rose, aged 8)


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Books in the series

  1. The Island of Adventure (1944)
  2. The Castle of Adventure (1946)
  3. The Valley of Adventure (1947)
  4. The Sea of Adventure (1948)
  5. The Mountain of Adventure (1949)
  6. The Ship of Adventure (1950)
  7. The Circus of Adventure (1952)
  8. The River of Adventure (1955)

Blyton originally planned to end the series with The Ship of Adventure, but after much pressure from fans, she went on to write The Circus of Adventure and The River of Adventure.

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 9+
  • Read Aloud Age: 8+

Excitement, danger etc.

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