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Teddy Robinson was a nice, big, comfortable, friendly teddy bear. He had light brown fur and kind brown eyes and he belonged to a little girl named Deborah

These books star the cuddly but accident-prone Teddy Robinson. Whether he's being sold by mistake in a jumble sale, or speeding downhill out of control in a dolls' pram, or being carrried away in an unknown lady's shopping-bag, children will be amused and delighted by this adorable teddy bear's hilarious adventures.

Reader's Reviews[]


Sheer genius.


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Books in the series[]

  • About Teddy Robinson
  • Dear Teddy Robinson
  • Keeping Up with Teddy Robinson
  • Teddy Robinson Himself

Parental Guidance[]

  • Reading Age: 6+
  • Read Aloud Age: 4+

These books are really good for reading aloud.

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