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Sunset is a fantasy novel written by Erin Hunter, and published in 2006. It is the sixth and final novel in the Warriors: The New Prophecy series, and is also part of the larger Warriors series. The book continues the story of the four Clans of warrior cats.

Having successfully fended off the attack of a group of badgers on their camp, ThunderClan needs time to recover. Cinderpelt is dead, and Leafpool has returned. Meanwhile, Tigerstar continues to haunt his two sons' dreams, in a quest for revenge on his old foe, Firestar. Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw's decisions will affect the destiny of all the Clans...

Reader's Reviews


Pretty good continuation of the story. The end of this book, and therefore of The New Prophecy, was not as good or exciting as the original series – nevertheless, it was good.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 11+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 11+

There is quite a bit of violence in the fighting scenes.

There are some gruesome bits, but rare.

The Cats believe in "StarClan" which are their the spirits of their ancestors watching over them. The cats also receive dreams and prophecies from StarClan.

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