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First published as part of the Oxford Illustrated History of Britain, this Very Short Introduction is no. 21 in the Very Short Introductions series, and is the seventh in the Very Short Introductions: British History series.

John Morrill's Very Short Introduction to Stuart Britain sets a century of revolution into its political, religious, social, economic, intellectual, and cultural contexts. It describes a period during which population was growing inexorably and faster than both the food supply and the employment market. It portrays the unexpected irruption into civil war which then took on a terrifying momentum of its own, resulting in violent revolution and in the abolition of the monarchy, the House of Lords and the established Church, and it describes how painfully and with what difficulty order and obidience was restored. Full of startling detail, this is an ideal introduction for those interested in the period.

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  • Reading Age: 13+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 13+

Very occasional sex references.

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