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Starlight is a fantasy novel, written by Erin Hunter, and published in 2006. It is the fourth book in Warriors: The New Prophecy, and is also part of the larger Warriors series. The book tells of the continuing saga of four Clans of warrior cats.

Before there is peace, blood will spill blood...

The Clans have finally arrived in their new home, following the prophecies of their warrior ancestors. The journey was difficult enough, but now they must struggle to establish territories and learn the hidden dangers of this unfamiliar world. Most importantly, they must find a replacement for the Moonstone – a place to communicate with StarClan. The future seems uncertain, and more than one cat is harbouring sinister plans that could lead to violence...

Reader's Reviews


This book is good; not as good as some others in the series, but still good. I admire the authors' imagination in this novel, once again establishing the cats' home. The saga continues, with another good book. Warriors fans won't be disappointed.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 11+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 11+

There is quite a bit of violence in the fighting scenes.

There are some gruesome bits, but rare.

The Cats believe in "StarClan" which are their the spirits of their ancestors watching over them. The cats also receive dreams and prophecies from StarClan.

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