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The third book in the Alex Rider series.

Teenage superspy Alex Rider is enlisted by the national security services again – this time for a routine reconnaissance mission at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. But before long, Alex finds himself caught up in a terrifying chain of events that leads from the Chinese Triad gangs in London to an undercover assignment in Cuba. Alex begins to make chilling links between suspicious deaths, an illegal nuclear weapons deal and the plans of his host, Russian General Sarov, for the future of the world…

Reader's Reviews


Brilliant these books keep getting better and better.


Very good! Better than the previous two books – although it was also grittier and sadder (at least, I found it so). I got rather frustrated with the author giving Alex a girlfriend when he is only 14 – why not wait for a bit further on in the series? – but apart from that, it was very good.


I liked the first book better, but Antony Horowitz never disappoints!


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 13+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 12+

Guns and shooting as with all Alex Rider books.

This book contains rather a lot more deaths than the previous two. Although not described graphically, they are there.

Occasional swearing.

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