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The bloody conflict that is the English Civil War is at its height when Nicholas Lambert's father is shot as a traitor to the King's cause. Young Nicholas flees his home in order to join the Royalist Army, leaving his little sister Katharine behind. Six years later, when the Royalists are finally defeated at Worcester, Nicholas is a fugitive and his life is in danger. Together with two friends he seeks shelter in his old home; it is much changed and so, he thinks, is Katharine.

After the house is searched by Cromwellian soldiers hunting for the nineteen-year-old Charles II, the three fugitives, disguised as servants, make for the Hampshire coast, hoping to escape secretly by boat to France. But it is at the coast that their difficulties begin. Katharine's behaviour is outrageous, and of their three new acquaintances, Mistress Barfutt of Virgin Farm, Master Hogg the merchant, and the miller of Place, which one dare they trust with their story? The actions of each are highly suspicious...

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