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The Brown children are again misbehaving and still need to be taken care of by Nurse Matilda.


The Brown children have forgotten Nurse Matilda and are once again behaving terribly. They are sent to live with Great Aunt Adelaide Stitch in London for a while. The children don't agree with these plans and cause mayhem for their great aunt, as well as Evangeline and Evangeline's governess Miss Prawn, among others. The children try to bring chaos in the form of fleas and almost cause Miss Prawn to be dismissed for being a suspected cause of the fleas until Nurse Matilda appears and saves Miss Prawn's job.

Soon, the children are creating messes with their teachers, impersonating wax figures, and spreading rumors of plagues. Nurse Matilda has to stop them by forcing them to do what they are doing, just like in the first Nurse Matilda novel. The children eventually grow to miss Nurse Matilda, who says she is going to go to Mrs. Green's children, and decide to run away. They end up in another nightmare of running away before they find themselves already sleeping back in their own home.

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