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This is a short picture book about a forgetful cat called Mog. She lives with the Thomas family, who consist of: Mum, Dad, Nicky and Debby. The first half of the book gives a general introduction to Mog and the ways in which she is forgetful. For example, she sometimes eats her supper and then forgets that she has eaten it. She jumps out of trees in an attempt to catch birds, forgetting that cats cannot fly. The story then focusses on a very bad day for Mog. She forgets that cats have milk for breakfast and so tries to eat Nicky’s egg. In doing so, a remark is made by Mrs. Thomas which becomes used often towards Mog throughout the book: ‘Bother that cat!’. Throughout, she is always defended by the children. After repeatedly getting into trouble, Mog runs away. However, at the end of the story an unexpected twist makes her a hero, awarded proudly with a medal.

'The book is illustrated throughout by a series of beautiful illustrations of Mog herself, the Thomas family and the various situations in which Mog finds herself in trouble. The text is relatively simple, making it accessible. It is engaging through its occasional use of rhyme and uses a wide variety of rich language. 'Many children will be familiar with pets and therefore this is a book with which they can engage. Mog is adorable and you can't help but feel sorry for her!


Endearing story about Mog the cat's reaction to all the upheaval that preparations for Christmas create.

Reader's Reviews[]


Family favourites. Pre-readers will look at the pictures for hours and older ones re-read them I enjoyed them as a child and now my children enjoy them.


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Parental Guidance[]

  • Reading Age: 4 - 8
  • Reading Aloud Age: Any

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