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A valuable Russian Blue cat – one that's expecting kittens – has gone missing. The Pet Finders are desperate to find her, but Tristan suspects that Paul Channing, one of Lola's owner's rivals in cat competitions, has cat-napped her.

It doesn't help Andi knowing that Mr. Channing's house is in the same road as Tangletree House, an old mansion once owned by Agnes Delany, who was killed by her nephew for money. Now everyone thinks that the house is haunted, and that the ghost is coming back to drive away the builders who are rennovating it for flats. Many of Andi's schoolmates have heard wailing while passing the house and when she and Natalie go to see themselves, Buddy and Jet start acting very odd...

The Pet Finders also have a new type of case on their hands. Andi and Natalie find a cream terrier crossbreed running around in the park. Since it has a collar, they ignore it. After seeing it run past them again just outside the park, they decide that the dog is without an owner. Unfortunately, the dog is too fast and escapes.

Andi manages to catch the dog with the help of Mr. Wheeler, a kind old man who is quite an artist and lives a few streets away from her. Buddy gets free from his lead and chases the other dog into Mr. Wheeler's back garden. Using some of Buddy's treats, they manage to catch the dog. Andi takes her home to look after her until the next day, when they can take her to the RSPCA centre to see if she has a microchip.

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