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Another tale of Redwall by Brian Jacques

Young haremaid Martha Braebuck is unable to walk - and nobeast knows why. The answer lies far away - at the ancient, ruined abbey of Loamhedge. And two old Redwall warriors, Bragoon and Sarobando, are determined to help her.

But a murderous band of sea rats is heading for Redwall Abbey - and their leader, Raga Bol, is a might vicious beast. One brave badger, Lonna Bowstripe, wants revenge of Bol and his crew - and the fate of Redwall, and young Martha Braebuck, will depend on him.

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Another tale of Redwall from author Brian Jacques. This one is about a young haremaid who is lame, and about the adventure undertaken to try to cure her. This is one of my least favourite Redwall book, probably because there is no real concerted vermin attack on Redwall. But, even so, a good book, and I have read it twice. Just not as good as the others.


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Parental Guidance

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  • Reading Age: 10+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 9+

Some violence.

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