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This is a retelling of a classic tale, John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress.


To most children the record of Christian's pilgrimage is attractive simply as a story of adventure. But now Helen L. Taylor has simplified the vocabulary and concepts for younger readers, while keeping the story line intact. The result is a classic for youth, a delightful book with a message they can understand.


Although The Pilgrim's Progress is read with delight by hundreds of children, few of them, probably, are able to grasp more than a faint idea of its meaning. The "dark and cloudy words," which "do but hold the truth, as cabinets enclose the gold," are quite beyond their comprehension; and, to the young mind, the record of Christian's pilgrimage is attractive simply as a story of adventure, and its persual affords infinite pleasure, but not much profit. If John Bunyan were alive at the present time, I think he would forgive me for the liberty I have taken in attempting to unlock his treasury and to bring "that gold, those pearls, and precious stones" a little nearer to the childish hands, which are always so ready to receive such gifts.

Reader's Reviews


I found this book in my school's the library and read it when I was in 4th grade. The book was in a popular size at the time, being only around 4 inches tall... which means it was so thick it filled my hand when it was closed. It made an impression on me so deep that to this day (I'm now 40) I have never forgotten that little book and the journeys that Little Christian and Christiana made.

The author has done a magnificent job of keeping true to the story line while bringing it down to a level that children can begin to comprehend. I'm a teacher now, and I only wish that students in today's schools had the opportunity to choose to read this wonderful literary work as I once did. I can't wait until my own children, now only 2 and 4 years old, are old enough to listen to the story and one day read this fabulous book for themselves.


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