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I, Houdini is a children's chapter book, written by Lynne Reid Banks, and published in 1978.

Houdini is no ordinary hamster. He is an escapologist with an exceptional talent for getting out of cages! He may look like a small, furry pet, but really he is a Wild Creature - a freedom-loving hamster with a lifelong passion for escape and a yearning for the Great Outside, leaving chaos and destruction as he goes. In this book he tells his hilarious adventures of all the times he escaped!

Reader's Reviews


This is a fun book, and makes a good read-aloud. Houdini is a hamster who loves to escape, and each chapter is the story of one of his adventures. It is written from the hamster's perspective, which is done very well. Houdini comes across as a strong character - willful, selfish and arrogant, but somehow not in an unpleasant way. As reader you find yourself laughing at (or with?) him as he gets into tricky predicaments, and causes mayhem for his owner's family.

I've read this to two of our children, and I'd recommend it.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 8+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 7+

Generally harmless, but Houdini has a fairly arrogant attitude throughout. There is also a "romantic moment" when he meets a female hamster (but not described).

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