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How To Share A Grape

A video about How to Share a Grape.

Please note that this "book" is a DVD, including an on-screen picture book. It is not a physical book.

How to Share a Grape is a DVD "book" written by Linnea Cohn and Sarah Alfaro and illustrated by Iris Skollar Cohn. It is the first DVD in the Trisket and Bisket series.

We all know that sharing is challenging enough for adults and even more complex for kids. And trying to get your two-year-old to cheerfully share with his little brother or sister doesn't always work so well. How to Share a Grape can help. How to Share a Grape entertains your little ones while making the concept of sharing seem more fun with the story of how twin sisters Trisket and Bisket learn about sharing during an adventurous week at Grandma's house.

Super Fun World's "Books In Action" are a category of kids' entertainment that bring books and animation together onto a DVD. In addition to the animated movie, the DVD features an on-screen picture book where your children can choose to read along by themselves or have Trisket and Bisket read to them. The DVD also features a "Find it" game sure to inspire the detective in all of us!

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