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Tiria Wildlough is a young ottermaid who has been touched by the paw of destiny. She must leave Redwall Abbey, where she has lived her whole life, and journey across the wild Western Sea to the mysterious Green Isle - the rightful home of the Otterclans. But the Green Isle has been conquered by Wildcat warlord Riggu Felis and his murderous band of catguard slave masters, who are desperate to stop the Otterclans reclaiming Green Isle - whatever it takes!

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Parental Guidance[]

To view general parental guidance for Redwall Books go here; Tales of Redwall
  • Reading Age: 10+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 9+

As with all Redwall books, some gruesome bits. The worst is at the very beginning where the warlord Riggu Felis gets half of his face torn away by a hawk. Several creatures get stabbed, wounded, killed etc.

Tiria gets several dreams in which Martin the Warrior (a long dead mouse) tells her things that she must do.

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