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When Harvey Angell Zaps into Ballantyre Road he brightens us Henry's life like a super-charged thunderbolt...Henry is so sure Harvey is no ordinary sparky...Henry  determines to find out eexactly who Harvey Angell really is and watt he actually does...

Reader's Reviews


"An original mixture of mystery, thriller, ghost story and fantasy." (Daily Telegraph)

This book is really good, it's exciting and makes you want to not stop, it just grabs onto you! It's about a boy who lives at ' 131 Ballantyre Road ' and he is called Henry. He lives with his Aunt Agatha. Now, when I read it is really caught me, I didn't want to stop. I like the fact that its about a fantasy man who is an electrician but not just a normal electricin because he gives this big '500 kilowatt beam' and he wakes up and goes to bed really early and when he does wake up he goes to these 'Energy Fields'.

It literally thrilled me it is extreamly exciting even though it only has 16 chapters and is quite short. The author I think has done very well at fitting a very good story into only 16 short chapters.

(: !! ITS A VERY GOOD BOOK !! :)

Jacob Hampton (age 11 1/2)


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 10+ due to theme
  • Reading Aloud Age: n/a

This book is 'clean' in that it does not contain any foul language. My son thoroughly enjoyed it and I will be buying him the sequals if I can get hold of them :D. The 'ghost' element is only mild and Jacob certainly did not consider it scary in any way. I have been pretty strict about what I have allowed for him to read to date, so he knows what I consider 'suitable'. I asked him if he believed this book would be OK for my 10yo son to read too. He said it would be fine - and I trust his judgement these days (hence allowing him a looser reign of choice). Caroline.

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