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It was just under the cliff walk from Constantine Bay to Treyarnon, in a little secret cove, that Susan discovered something quite different from anything that she had ever seen before. Perhaps "something" is not quite the correct word, "someone" would be more polite. His name was R. Dragon, he was 1,500 years old, and he had a great partiality for almond buns.

He was a dragon with impeccable manners, who was far too polite to eat people, and avoided meeting them because he did not like to frighten them. He could also tell stories and Sue heard about the Cornish giants and faries, and of King Arthur whom he had known very well. He taught Sue songs and took her on trips to Tintagel Castle and the Pool of Excalibur, and once to have tea with a mermaid, who told her about the country under the sea.


A funny book, with a girl in modern England meeting a dragon who has been alive for 1,500 years and knew King Arthur. Based on many legends like King Arthur, Susan and the dragon meet many times, sharing stories, buns, and journeys.

Reader's Reviews


A hilarious, wonderful, and absolutely brilliant book. R. Dragon's character is wonderful, and the whole book is part-fantasy, but set in modern England. Nothing very exciting happens (no heroes saving the world), but is really, really funny, and has a certain charm about it. I really, really enjoyed it, and have read several times.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 9+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 8+

Mentions of English Folklore (King Arthur and the like), told as stories by the dragon.

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