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Crocodile Tears is the eighth spy-adventure novel in the Alex Rider series written by Anthony Horowitz. It was published in 2009.

Alex is in Scotland, on holiday with the Pleasure family. He attends a lavish New Year party in a remote Scottish castle. The party is hosted by wealthy philanthropist Desmond McCain, who runs an international charity, First Aid. Alex is disturbed by his encounter with McCain and wonders if there's a connection when shortly afterwards he narrowly escapes from what he suspects to have been a deliberate car accident.

Back in London, Alex is forced to turn to MI6 for help when a journalist threatens to expose his past. In return, MI6 ask him to help them investigate the director of a highly secure GM research centre – and Alex finds himself in deep water. Again.

Reader's Reviews


Crocodile Tears is an excellent adventure novel by Anthony Horowitz, and I really enjoyed it. The storyline is good (even if it is, as usual, unbelievable). But the plot does feel like a bit like we've been there before. (In fact, we have – seven times before!) Also, Horowitz does nothing to advance the storyline of the series. We learn nothing more about Alex's past, or anything else for that matter. It is just a straight adventure story. Overall, very good – just not quite as good as a few other books in the series.


I love Crocodile Tears, its amazing, as the rest of the series is. Its packed with action, and a great read (even after reading it like 6 times). Anthony Horrowitz did a great job! Lewis Cawte (Lcawte) (Aged 13)


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 13+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 13+

Guns, shooting etc., as with all the Alex Rider books. Lots of characters die, and Alex finds himself in various horrible situations. Of course, he miraculously escapes them all.

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