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A stub is a very short article that needs to be expanded. To qualify as a stub, an article could be:

  • An article with little or no infomation in the infobox. You should have the author and publication date. If a book has both of these and is, say, a very old book with no infomation then it is not a stub. If the book was written 1950 onwards it is a stub unless the author, published, country, isbn and number of pages are filled.
  • An article that is very short.
  • An article that is lacking a description. If the description is very short, please insert {{description}}
  • An article that does not have any parental guidance. If there is a bit of parental guidance, but not enough, insert {{parental}}
  • An article that is not in at least two categories (age and subject).

Obviously it is much more useful if you are prepared to edit the page and add the info, but if not just insert the templates.

Oh, and one other thing. If an article does not qualify as a stub but still needs expanding, because it is a very famous book please insert {{expand}}.

To see a list of the books that are currently classified as stubs, see Category:Article stubs