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CHERUB is a series of spy novels, written by Robert Muchamore. The series is about a boy named James Choke who's mother dies when he is 12. He is scouted at an orphanage for CHERUB, a spy academy for orphaned children. It exists because terrorists and criminals don't expect children to be spying and bugging their homes. The series is about his missions and the things that go on in CHERUB. While the books focus on James' missions at first, later books have as their main characters his sister, Lauren, and several other characters. They are sometimes compared to the Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz.

Reader's Reviews


This is an AWESOME book that is a must read for anyone who loves action and bangs.


I haven't actually read these books, but I definitely won't be trying them, after reading this article on Wikipedia. The books seem to contain fairly explicit sexual content, quite apart from drugs and alcohol. I recommend you steer clear of them.


I have read some of these books, and have really enjoyed them so far. Really exciting, readable and fun series, would recommend! I would also disagree with the recommended reading age, I think that anyone above the age of 12 would really enjoy reading these books!!!


I think CHERUB is one of the best series I have ever read. I recommend this series to anyone who likes action however the ones with weak heart won't consider these books to be their best choice.


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Books in the series

  • The Recruit
  • Class A (titled The Dealer in the United States)
  • Maximum Security
  • The Killing
  • Divine Madness
  • Man Vs. Beast
  • The Fall
  • Mad Dogs
  • The Sleepwalker
  • The General
  • Brigands MC
  • Shadow Wave

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age
    • Books 1-5: 11+
    • Books 6+: 14+

The first books are okay for over elevens (but still include some drugs and violence), but the book six and beyond include violence, drugs, alcohol and sex-related themes and scenes, prostitution and many disturbing images. On the other hand, mature twelve to thirteen year olds may ignore these references—although I wouldn't suggest reading until fourteen. These books are not really appropriate for anyone under fourteen and made my twelve year old cry.

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