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Sal and her mother go to Blueberry Hill to pick blueberries. Sal's mother wants to can the blueberries for the next winter and she quickly starts to fill her pail. Sal picks a few berries which go "kuplink kuplank kuplunk" in her pail, but she eats most of the berries she picks and eventually sits down in the bushes to eat berries.

Little Bear and his mother come to Blueberry Hill to eat blueberries and store up food for next winter. Little Bear's mother moves steadily along eating berries, but Little Bear has trouble keeping up, so he sits down in a clump of bushes and eats berries.

Sal finishes her berries and sets off to find her mother. She finds Little Bear's mother and follows along behind her. Little Bear finishes his berries and sets off to find his mother, but ends up following Sal's mother.

The mothers notice that they are being followed by the wrong children and set off to find the right ones. Sal's mother hears a "kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk" and knows she has found Sal. Little Bear's mother hears a shuffling noise, and knows she has found Little Bear.

Little Bear and his mother go home down one side of the hill, full of food for the winter. Little Sal and her mother go home down the other side of the hill with berries to can for the winter; a whole pail and 3 more besides.

The front and end papers of the book show Sal and her mother in the kitchen canning the berries together.

Reader's Reviews[]


This is a lovely gentle story. My son has always loved the incredible illustrations and, since he loves blueberries himself, the topic.


I read this book with my Mom when I was a very little kid! I love it, the illustrations are an inspiration to me today as an artist.


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Parental Guidance[]

  • Reading Age: 4+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 1+


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