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Anthony Horowitz is an English author and screenwriter. He has written many children's novels, including The Power of Five, the Alex Rider series and The Diamond Brothers, and has written over fifty books. He has also written for television, adapting many of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot novels for an ITV series. He is the creator and writer of the ITV series Foyle's War.

Reader's Reviews[]


I've read the Alex Rider series and I'm under the impression that this man is a genius!!!!


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Parental Guidance[]

  • Reading age: 12+
  • Read aloud age: 12+

Violence, fighting, guns.

List of books[]

Groosham Grange series[]

  • Groosham Grange (1988)
  • The Unholy Grail republished as Return to Groosham Grange (1999)

Alex Rider[]

The Diamond Brothers[]

  • The Falcon's Malteser (1986/96)
  • Public Enemy Number Two (1987)
  • South By South East (1991/2001)
  • The Blurred Man (2003)
  • The French Confection (2003)
  • I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (2003)
  • The Greek Who Stole Christmas (2007)
  • The Radius of the Lost Shark (2009)


  • The Devil's Door-Bell (1983)
  • The Night of the Scorpion (1983)
  • The Silver Citadel (1986)
  • Day of the Dragon (1989)

The Power of Five[]

Retitled in the United States as The Gatekeepers

  • Raven's Gate (1 August 2005)
  • Evil Star (2 April 2006)
  • Nightrise (3 April 2007)
  • Necropolis (30 October 2008)

Other novels[]

  • Enter Frederick K Bower (1978)
  • The Sinister Secret of Frederick K Bower (1979)
  • Misha, the Magician and the Mysterious Amulet (1981)
  • Robin of Sherwood: The Hooded Man (1986) (with Richard Carpenter)
  • Adventurer (1987)
  • New Adventures of William Tell (1987)
  • Starting Out (1990)
  • Granny (1994)
  • The Switch (1996)
  • The Devil And His Boy (1998)
  • Half-Life (2001)

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  1. Anthony Horowitz blog post – TWO MORE CHAPTERS AND IT’S FINISHED… "And I have a three week break in Crete where I’ll finish SCORPIA RISING – by which I mean, I’ll give it a final polish before handing it over to the publishers. Publication date is probably going to be on my birthday – April 5th 2011."

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