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Anne of Green Gables by L.M.Montgomery is the first in a series of ten books. It tells the story of the Cuthberts, an elderly brother and sister who decide to adopt a boy to help on their farm. Communications go a little wrong and instead of a boy Anne arrives. Girls of 10 and over will love to read the uplifting, and often hilarious story of how Anne captivates the hearts of not only the Cuthberts but the neighbours too.

Reader's Reviews[]


I love this book! I read it when I was much younger but am mow reading it again (aged 16) and am still really enjoying it.


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Parental Guidance[]

  • Reading Age: 10+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 8+

Anne is 11-16 years old in this book, and her adventures are suitable for a younger audience.

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  • Other works by L. M. Montgomery
  • Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and New Chronicles of Rebecca, by Kate Douglas Wiggin. The main character is sent to live with her aunts who are a lot like the caretakers of Anne. Rebecca gets into some troubles like Anne, and they are both good at writing (stories and poetry).

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