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A Traveller in Time is a part historical fiction, part-time-travel book, written by Alison Uttley, and published in 1939.

"Aunt Tissie, I opened a door and saw some ladies sitting in a room. Who were they?" I whispered, shy to speak about it as if I had done something amiss. She started. "You saw them? You've seen them?" She looked at me with astonishment and then drew me into her arms. "It's the secret of Thackers," she said very quietly.

When Penelope visits her family home, Thackers, a remote ancient farmhouse in Derbyshire, she finds herself mysteriously in Elizabethan times. Her sixteenth-century family is scheming to free their beloved Mary, Queen of Scots, but even with her twentieth-century knowledge Penelope remain helpless in the face of danger. Only in the present is she aware of the tragedy which lies ahead, drawing closer whenever she travels back in time...

And all the while, the slow beautiful life of the farm and the countryside in both centuries goes on, described with the vividness and love which make Alison Uttley's books so special.

Reader's Reviews[]


Challenging book although very good.


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Parental Guidance[]

  • Reading Age: 12+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 11+

Talk of war.

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