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A Redwall Winter's Tale was written by Brian Jacques and illustrated by the well-known Redwall artist, Christopher Denise.


A Redwall Winter's Tale is the second Redwall picture book. It features the molebabe Bungo and the citizens of Redwall trying to decipher more clever riddles.


A Redwall Winter's Tale opens up on the last day of autumn. At Redwall Abbey, dibbuns are playing outside when they notice a group of travelling performers approaching the Abbey.

Everyone enters and a show is put on by the performers. Finally, when it is time for bed, the dibbun mole Bungo is told the story of the Snow Badger, a mythical creature who makes the snow fall.

Later that night, Bungo sees the Snow Badger and is able to talk to him! When the little mole wakes up, he finds a pouch around his neck. It contains a small crystal drop, and a note is written on the inside of the pouch on a scrap of parchment. It is in the form of a riddle, but what does it mean? The Redwallers must try to figure it out...

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