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A Dangerous Path is the fifth book in the Warriors series, written by Cherith Baldry and Kate Cary under the pseudonym of Erin Hunter. This individual book was written by Cherith Baldry. The series is about four Clans of wild cats, and their adventures in the forest in which they reside. The story follows a plan set up by Tigerstar, leader of ShadowClan, who wishes to destroy ThunderClan by using dogs to hunt them down. At the end of the book, Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan, dies after risking her life to kill the dogs, making Fireheart the new leader of ThunderClan. In Rising Storm, Fireheart's friend Graystripe also returns to ThunderClan from RiverClan, knowing that no one will respect him in RiverClan.

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