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A book about a young boy's struggle as a slave, after being captured by the Romans in a battle. Strong Christian themes run throughout. The first in a trilogy, the Tales of Rome, with the next book being Rome in Flames.


"I struggled to open my eyes. My brother's face was close to mine. His warpaint was smudged and streaked. His eyes were red. Suddenly, I remembered. The battle - the Romans...

"Where's Father?"

Conan looked up the hill, where dead and dying men lay like fallen leaves... hundreds of them, too many to count. Faintly in the distance I heard the sound of a Roman trumpet..."

A disastrous battle tears Bryn's world apart. Captured and taken into slavery, he is forced to start a new life in the incredible city of Rome.

And his adventures are only just beginning...

Reader's Reviews[]


A quite magnificent adventure, filled with many "what-would-I-do" moments, with a strong Christian theme running throughout. The world created by author Kathy Lee is totally believable, and authentic. I felt as if I was Bryn, and although I have read a lot of books, this one would rank somewhere in my personal top 10. Don't miss the next two books in the series, which have all the same sort of thrills and excitements, in Rome in Flames and The Edge of the Empire.


Very, very good. I enjoyed the Christian theme.


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Parental Guidance[]

  • Reading Age: 11+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 10+

Some violence.

Occasinal descriptions a bit gruesome.

A bit sad.

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